Feeling there was more to some of my life patterns, I had Azora do an Akashic Record Reading for me. Azora’s ability to access my information was amazing and so valuable. The information she gathered was detailed and specific. Azora addressed areas of my soul that were unfamiliar concepts to me, however, she explained their conceptual meaning and opened up new possibilities for me to understand and connect with my soul. The reading was empowering and enlightening. Further, Azor…
I am within minutes of completing my life coaching sessions with Azora. The high I have is unbelievable. Not only is she a good listner, she provides amazing solutions. Digs deep as well, to help you to get to the root of your block. She has introduced to me higher levels of self awareness and discovery. With her being an intuitive coach, she has awakened things in me I didn’t know existed. She has been an instrumental piece in helping me to find myself and free my mind. I am focused on my life’…
This is truely an experience of “Your past makes your present”. Azora takes the time and immense energy to delve into your Akashik records of yesterday to better your today. Her strong connection to other realms is apparent as she retrieves information of your soul type and its characteristics. Azora then clears your blocks for you. Gratitude to you Azora for guiding me on how to connect and use this information in my present lifetime! Nimisha Tejani, Mesa, AZ
Azora’s work with your Akashik records is truly amazing. Finally being able to understand where patterns that would keep repeating originated, and having those blocks cleared in order to accelerate the manifestations of my soul’s desire is such a gift. After years of working toward this, such a quantum leap in a matter of weeks is awesome. Such a blessing to have Azora and her connection in my life. Do not wait to get started on this! A.D. Scottsdale, AZ
This was an enlightening experience. The reading was intense at times. A lot of my life now make sense. Azora revealed details no one else knows, at times during the reading i was brought to tears and then laughter . Azora took me through many emotions because it was all making so much sense of my life. At the end of the Akashik reading I felt a sense of relief and anticipation for my future. Thank you Azora for helping me to look forward to the next chapter in my life. Nayota Bodkin, Atlanta…
“With depth unlike any person I’ve met in my 30 years on the planet, Azora is beyond her years. Not only is she innovative with her coaching style, she is also a real intuitive reader that offers up guidance assistance with change and growth. I spent 5 weeks as a client with Azora and in those 5 weeks my life transformed into everything that I dreamt it could be. I would highly recommend her if you are going through a life change, illness or really want to work on some deep rooted issues. She’s …Tenia SandersAZ
Azora’s coaching over the last weeks has provided me with unconditional encouragement and support; she has helped me to feel as though I have a powerful ally who understands me at a very profound level. Her powerful intuition has helped me to uncover ways to move through challenges, and helped me to identify tools and techniques that I use daily. Her coaching has supported me to support myself, to find my own strength, to develop self-compassion, and to be in tune with my self. I love our sess…Morgan BlakeNJ
I have had several readings with Azora and each and every one blows my mind and shifts me forward in life. I have had readings done in the past, but Azora’s approach is something that I have never experienced. She has the ability to guide you through a therapeutic and healing process that gives you clarity and direction for your life. She is extremely accurate and each and every time I follow my Divine team’s advice that she channels for me, my life works out perfectly. I have been able to b…Natalie McGovernAZ
Dear Azora, I am most grateful for the incredibly on the spot intuitive reading/coaching session you gave me! As I look forward to completing this next piece of my life, I know the messages I received from you (when implemented by me!) will assist me in moving forward with grace and ease. You are a powerful woman who is helping this world with you amazing gifts! Thank you so much for being a guide in my life and helping me be the best person I am able to be!Nancy RichardsonAZ
Well, I don’t know where to begin with this phenomenal woman! I have been working with Azora for a while now, and I already see changes in my life that I didn’t know where possible in a positive way. She makes you think about events in your past and relates it to your life now. She just makes sense of it all. Her intuition is amazing, she says what your thinking before it actually comes out of your mouth. Azora is a very loving, kind and gentle soul. She gives 100% of her attention each and …Aminata TobiasGA

Astral Entities

Astral Entities are spirits in the astral realm who are either stuck or don’t want to move on and cross over. To be more specific they are the emotional and mental bodies of deceased people.

You may have heard of the astral realm and know there are other astral beings that reside there, namely angels and spirit guides. These beings are completely different than astral entities; they are helpful, whereas astral entities are not.

There may be alarm bells for you already, thinking that your deceased relatives are your guides, they may very well be, but as long as they are contributing to your energy and not draining you, then that is ok. They have probably crossed over anyway.

Astral entities are not of a high vibration, they are stuck on their path and perhaps have more of a need than you do. The energy exchanges is likely to be going towards them and not supportive of you.

Reasons an astral entity may not want to cross over are varied. Ranging from unfinished business, fear of God’s judgement, an attachment to people or places, not having enough energy to cross over, and having gone through a violent death and not knowing they are deceased.

Astral entities not only drain your energy, as they don’t have their own source of energy, but they also amplify your negative emotions. People think that entities create these emotions and inflict them on you, but in fact they vibrate at the rate of your negative emotions and exaggerate how you feel.

Often spiritual people have astral entities attached, especially healers, psychics and mediums who see clients. The client may have astral entities and they hop over to the healer when they open up. Spiritual people who do spiritual work and don’t use any kind of cleansing or protection may attract them as well.

I also think people who have issues with physical boundaries may suffer from poor spiritual boundaries as well.

I have encountered a lot of clients who don’t want to clear these energies away because then they may feel lonely. Other reasons you may attract an astral entity is if you use a Ouija Board. Poking around in other dimensions when you don’t know what you’re doing isn’t ideal. Also people with addictions to alcohol or drugs are wide open to having these astral entities attaching.

An astral entity clearing will move these entities along and solidify your aura and boundaries. You will be left feeling more centred, less attracted to be around people who do have entities attached, more able to focus, and most noticably having a sense of emotional equilibrium.

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